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The Interpersonal problems between husband and wife are because of the unmet needs. The needs are recreational, personal, social, financial and sexual and creative. In his Ramson’s theory[ GRT- theory] of personality Dr.V.R.Annadurai says that interpersonal problems are due to imbalance of “Giving traits” “receiving traits” and “taking away traits” of the couple.

When the husband gives [giving traits] money and status to the wife she in turn gives[giving traits] affection and approval. When the husband gives money to his brother his wife feels insecure, [because of “receiving traits”] there starts interpersonal problems. When the husband gives everything and the wife is not satisfying [only “taking away traits”] his emotional needs Vice Versa the husband or wife may indulge in extramarital affair. When the husband is having paranoid personality and the wife is having hysterical personality or borderline personality the chances for marital problems are more.

When the husband is having obsessive compulsive personality and the wife is having hysterical personality there may not be harmonious relationship between the couple. Doctors, teachers and politicians should have a personality consisting of mainly giving traits. People with antisocial personality have mainly “taking away traits”.


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