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Psychoanalytic theory says that drug dependence is l craving for oral pleasure. Dr. V.R.Annadurai considers that Alcohol dependence is a disorder of aggression since alcohol dependent is a self destructive behavior. In his Ramson’s theory of sexuality Dr.Annadurai says that alcohol is equivalent to breast milk. The cup in which people drinks alcohol symbolically signifies the breast.

Alcohol intake in social gatheringS is meant for union with God, women , friends and alcohol abuse is because of aggression (separation ) towards God ,family members, wife and society at large. DR.V.R.Annadurai strongly believes that alcohol dependence is also equivalent to extra marital affair. Recent increased incidence of panparag – hans abuse/dependence, alcohol abuse/dependence and cigarette smoking in Indian adolescents is because of their aggression towards the society which has failed to satisfy their educational, occupational,financial and sexual needs.

Alcohol dependence will lead to many medical and psychological problems. Cannabis,( kanja)can lead to psychosis. Alcohol and drug dependence are more common in people with personality disorders. Suicide is more common among people who are dependent on alcohol and drugs.


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